Using Configuration File

There are many options you can chnage into the file passed as first argument of application. File is recognized when launching with option --build and a directory name, the name is dirname/site/site.conf, and can be created with option --createconf


Created = [2018-07-20]

Date when this file is created.

SiteName = [name]

Name, as you like.

SitePath = [/www]

Path of the site on the server: needed for security options.

HtmlRedirect = [ok]

If this option is set to ok, when application finds a processed file like a php file, it creates an html file that contains a redirecting script

Languages = en|it

Languages used in the site, first is default.


BackupDirectory = [full-path]

Set a directory where graphics files are backupped before editing. If parameter is not set, any file will be saved. In the choosed directory, if there is alread a file with the same name, new file will be name with a number at the end (for example, name.jpg and name.jpg.1)

DocumentsDirectories = [name]

Directories where documents are stored

FilePreProcessor = [filename]

A command line, where the position of the actual file name is defined like in Python templates (ie $file or ${file}), that is executed on the produced final html file.

FilePostProcessor = [filename]

A command line, where the position of the actual text file name is defined like in Python templates (ie $file or ${file}), that is executed on the text file, only the first time that is read, when def :> date is still not present.

FinalDirectory = [full-path]

The destination directory, where final site is created.

FtpFileList = [gstatic_updated_files.tmp]

Name of the file where

HiddenPaths = [name1|name2|namex]

The list of directories that are not showed in the map of the site. Names are divided by a pipe.

ImagesDirectories = images

NewPostsDirectory = [full-path]

If a directory is configured with this instruction, a file .txt and a jpg image is considered to be a new post, and will be moved to current date directory in the posts tree.

PermalinksDirectory = [name]

Set the directory where a kind of permalinks will be stored. Default is l. Files are simply a slim html file with either html and javascript redirections, with the meaning of give a short and not subject to change link.

PostsDirectories = [directory]

Set the directory where posts will be stored. Default is posts

TemporaryDirectory = [/tmp]

Directory where temporary files are stored.


ArchiveChunk = ok

MaxPageItems = 12

MaxPages = 10

PostSummaryLength = [300]

LineNext = [next]

LinePrev = [prev]

LineIndexName = it Elenco|en List

ListTitle = it Elenco|en List

ArchiveTopDef = it Indice|en Index

IndexTopDef = it Indice|en Index

UpIndexLinkName = [*]


ImagesCompression = [95]

Jpg compression (a number from 1 to 100, generally greater than 70) used when resizing or creating thumbnails. Default is 95.

ImagesResolution = [200]

Resolution in dpi for images. Should be at least greater than 90, resolution for old monitors. Default is 200.

ImagesThumbWidth = [150]

Dimensions in pixels of thumbnails, default is 150.

GalleriesImageWidth = [800]

The x dimension (width) of the resized images into galleries, default is 800 pixels.

DocumentsImageWidth = [400]

The x dimension (width) of the resized images into documents directories, default is 400 pixels.

PostImageWidth = [width]

The x dimension of images automatically added to posts, in pixels. Default is 400 pixels.

PostThumbnailWidth = [100]

SmallImageWidth = [800]

ImagesHomeName = [it Gallerie|en Galleries]

ImagesLineHomeName = [it Altre gallerie...|en Other galleries...]

StripTags = [ok|no]

With this ok, tags in images will be striped


BuildTags = [ok|no]

This value is used to decide if html pages containing lists of categories and tags will be created. Default is no.

DuplicateFiles = [ok|no]

With this as ok, files that are in the duplicated extensions are copied on the destination, in the other way they are symlinked. Default is ok, at least until application will be tested on Windows. The file extensions that are affected, tipically images or archives, is set in setduplicatefileextensions

DuplicateFilesExtensions = [.jpg|.png]

Files that should be symlinked rather than copied.

FilesToCopy = .css|.jpg|.html|.php|.png|.7z|*.js

IndexFile = [index]

Name of the default file showed when opening directory, generally (also default) index.

PasswdFile = []

Default name for password file.

ProcessingAgeDays = [number]

When an huge site is processed, remember that I would use g.static via cron, times grow. It's not so dramatic for me (processing takes 6 second on a slow i7 notebook with a slow hard disk, and 3 seconds on a g3220 machine with a ssd disc, with 1500 pages), but due most part of work is processing pages, and not composing indexes or other stuff, it can be an help to set this value to a small value, due it means the max age in days of the files: default is 0, and all files will be processed.

ProcessingFileExtension = [.md]

Default extensios

LanguageDates =

UseReplaceConf = [ok|no]

When passed with ok, default is No, it will look for a /site/replace.conf file that will contains all items to be replaced in the new processed text files. An example: you would change all your abc with aaabbbccc in your text, you must put a line in this file with the double points in the middle: abc:aaabbbccc

SSLSaltPrefix = [(a-z)(a-z)|random]

For 'salt' used hashing passwords (for private directories): if you think to secure relatively the process you can set in action file the string, or put in it the value 'random' or simply nothing, to make prefix always changing. Back consideration is that you need to upload always the hashed password files. This is not generally a problem, due they are often small files.

UpdateFileList = no

BuildSiteMap = [ok|no]

Creates a map of the site, addressed at /site/map/

ShowMessages = [od|no]

Show or hide most of the messages during execution. Default is ok.

FinalCleaning = ok

InitialCleaning = ok


RSSAuthor = (RSS Master)

Name of the author of the rss feed: it must be set only if rss is used, obviously.

RSSDescription = [description]

Description for rss feed

RSSListLength = [10]

The length of the list in the rss.xml file about last changes in the site. Default is 10.

RSSDontAddThese = [none]

Names, of directories or files, that must not be added to the rss.xml file.

RSSSummaryLength = 300

Create = ok

At the end of operations, run the procedure that create a /posts/rss.xml file, a feed of the blog part of site in RSS 2.0 format. Only ok is useful for one site, due it's enabling the creation of feed.


securityopt [directory]

A directory that will be access-controlled on server, if a file (set by setpasswdfile, default is with a list of user and password is present.

setfilestocopy [.ext1|.ext2|name1.*|]

This directive is important to set extensions or file names that should be deployed, so you need to put them near the beginning of the actions file.

setlogfile [full-file-name]

If this value is set, a log file will be created.

setpasswdfile [file-name]

The name of the file used in a directory to define the security access options. Default, if it is not set, is

setpostslineindexname [it Indice|en List]

The title for pages that are used as indexes.

setpostsindextopname [it Nuovi|en New]

setpostsindexestitle [Titles|l1 title,l2 title]

setpostsnext [it Succ:|en Next:]

setpostsprev [it Prec:|en Prev:]


utils checkfilenames

Makes a simple check on file names, principally to avoid use of apostrophe and other characters or word that urls names don't like. Command must be inserted after setting of the start directory, and, if used, after setting of new post directory.

utils clearfinal

Removes all directories in the final destination dir that aren't also in the starting directory (they're renamed or deleted), in order to keep clear the final tree.

utils deletefiles [part of file name]

This deletes, in the start directory, all files that contains in the name the [part of file name]. This is case sensitive, and can be placed everywhere in the action file, but generally should be at the beginning (it was born to remove some files that made conflicts with synchronization services). You can also use more than one instruction in an action file.

Last update: 2021-02-19 01:46